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An analysis of how users perceive self-checkout solutions for stores in Spain

Report on self-checkout solutions for stores in Spain

Soluciones de autoservicio para comercios en España

Report on self-checkout solutions for stores in Spain

TThis report, launched by the Payment Innovation Hub, as an innovation center, in collaboration with CaixaBank and Visa, gathers the opinion of more than 1,000 respondents, with the aim of knowing the perception of Spaniards on the different self-checkout solutions for stores. The research shows which the preferences of this type of solutions are for a better understanding of current trends. According to the data collected, the Spanish consumer values positively all the types of solutions available on the market:

Fixed self-service point and stand-alone payment.

Product scanning and payment via mobile phones.

Automatic product scanning basket at a fixed POS and autonomous payment.

Product scanning with scanner gun in store and payments at a fixed checkout point.

Smart shopping cart without fixed POS Full automated system.

The report shows that almost 30% of Spaniards already use or would prefer to use self-checkout solutions. Besides, these systems allow users to make payments autonomously, with the purpose of providing greater agility and speed in the completion of the shopping process. This is why more and more retailers are adopting this solution as a quick checkout model, complementing the traditional cash register as it is still the preferred one (52%) by Spanish citizens.

It is worth noting that the main benefits consumers see when using this type of solution include avoiding waiting time in the checkout queue (49%) and a greater speed (48%), as they consider this type of solution to be more agile than the line cashiers.

The full report is in Spanish.

download the report

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