Methodology and Approach

How we work

The user is the end and agility is the means

At Payment Innovation Hub, we are focused on designing new solutions and new experiences that quickly adapt to social trends and better meet customer needs. To do so, we apply the same agile innovation methodologies used by tech companies today.

Small multifunctional teams

We use the mix of our internal team and external experts to create interfunctional digital teams with experience of clients, UX, service design, and technical experts.

Agile working

We apply agile working methodologies to ensure we stay as agile as our competitors in the creation of ideas and discovery of useful services or products for the end user.

Lean approach

We trial and test before building. We carry out quick hypothesis and prototype testing with real clients.


The target client is an ever-present in our projects, fully involved throughout the whole creation process. User tests, market analysis, and interviews are the tools we use every day.


Identify challenges and grasp market needs as a working framework.


Co-create and conceptualize new products, services and business models.


Design proof of concepts, prototypes and MVPs to make ideas come to life.


Trial and test every solution with clients in order to iterate and improve every project.

We promote a better understanding of our customer needs and expectations

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