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An analysis of the challenges and opportunities of digital payments

Report on the Digitization of payments in Spain

Digitization of payments in Spain Report 2021

This report by the Payment Innovation Hub and Afi, in collaboration with CaixaBank, Visa and Samsung, seeks to open a dialogue on the conception of public policy initiatives that promote the adoption of digital payments in Spain, as well as detect the challenges and opportunities that the transition from cash to digital payments offers.

As an innovation center, from the Payment Innovation Hub we promote research and R&D projects around payment methods together with our network of partners (CaixaBank, Global Payments Inc., Visa, Samsung and Arval). We believe that payment services are an essential link in the infrastructure that energizes our economy. For this reason, we have analyzed and gathered evidence with the analysis of the impact of policies carried out in other countries to model a guide of suggestions on how the Government and legislators can support the digitization of payments to favor the country's economy.

In order to contribute to the joint action of public authorities, financial institutions and payment systems, we have modelled a propositional roadmap with the aim of facilitating the transition from cash to digital payments. In the first block of the study, the impact and opportunities arising from the measures adopted in other countries to reduce the use of cash and improve the adoption of digital payments are analyzed to facilitate the country's economy. Then, in the second block, there is an analysis of the main payment and collection methods enabled by the central Administration, the autonomous communities and local authorities with the aim of identifying opportunities that guarantee the universality of payments in the public sector.

Through the study, we provide references of public policy actions susceptible to adaptation in Spain, as a guide to promote an ecosystem of modern, safe and efficient digital payments. These proactive measures inspired by international best practice contribute to the definition of a roadmap that allows the acceleration of the progress of digital payments. Additionally, this report sets out the main guidelines as a framework for action in which progress should be made to consolidate digital payment in all public administrations within the framework of the digital reform to promote innovation in the public sector.

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