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Mon, 17th January 2022

Just when the Payment Innovation Hub, the first innovation hub in Spain that specializes in payment methods and solutions for businesses and one of the first in the world to be driven by a multi-sectoral company partnership (CaixaBank, Global Payments, Inc., Samsung, Visa and Arval) is about to celebrate its 4th birthday, it has launched this new channel of communication where sector news and trends can be found.

The blog aims to be a space where any aspects related to payments can be circulated, debated, shared and analyzed. More specifically, its content will be to do with global tides, laws, disruptive solutions in businesses, and especially, about the latest innovations or those with the most potential in terms of payment methods.

Besides analyzing all these aspects, this space also hopes to be a showcase for some of the internal and external success stories that will provide a vision of the future, and of course, give a voice to industry experts so that they can have an opinion or diagnose the future scope by taking into account new shopping behaviors, emerging technologies and other factors that have a direct impact on the current revolution within this sector.

During these last few years, there has been an undoubted transformation in the sector. Technological development and other aspects such as the change to the law, the invasion of new players or the impact of the pandemic have only shaken up this sector. As a center for innovation whose founding purpose is to spread knowledge, the Payment Innovation Hub’s intention by creating this blog is to help to interpret all these changes that the sector is going through in Spain and on a global scale, and that given the cross-sectoral nature of payments themselves, are affecting various markets such as retail, leisure, tourism, mobility, etc.

So, thanks to this new tool, the Payment Innovation Hub would like to continue to maintain a close relationship with all the the community that is interested in this issue and hopes to do its bit by announcing the latest news regarding payments.

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