Innovation Playground

The Internet of Things Revolution


Date and time

Thu, 26th April 2018

10:30 am



Payment Innovation Hub

BCN Tech City – Pier 01 Plaça de Pau Vila, 1 08039 – Barcelona


The central theme of our second "Innovation Playground" was about the potential of the internet of things. A session to discuss their people-centered applications and, at the same time, allow companies to create value and find new ways of doing things.
The application of emerging technologies such as the "Internet of things" opens the door to new models and the creation of innovative services to go beyond data connectivity and digitalization. This technology has come a long way since Kevin Ashton coined the term in 1999, for that reason, it is so important to talk about what its applications are to understand the future of it.
Analysts predict that in 2020 there will be 50 billion connected devices. The Internet of things crosses borders between businesses and consumers and, as it evolves, the industry must develop new ways of addressing important issues such as privacy, security and how to deal with the huge amount of data generated by connected devices.
The Internet of Things (IoT) combines connectivity with sensors, devices and people, allowing a fluid conversation between man and machine, software and hardware. With advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning, these conversations can allow devices to anticipate, react, respond and improve the physical world.
This event allowed us to know the trends, innovations of the IoT ecosystem and how it can radically change the world we know. We are prepared?
Our panel of experts:

- Ángel Pascual, Head of Technology of SAMSUNG

- Celso Hernando, IT Architect at IBM Watson Internet of Things

- Carlos Cuffi, Director of 5G of the MOBILE WORLD CAPITAL BARCELONA

- Jaume Rey, CEO and Founder of NEXIONA

- Josep Lluís Larriba, CEO of SMART CIGO

Moderator: Guillermo Renancio - Director IoT & Telco of INTEGRA Strategy and Technology

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