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Retail Revolution: Payments will be invisible


Date and time

Thu, 13th December 2018

6:30 pm



Payment Innovation Hub

BCN Tech City – Pier 01 Plaça de Pau Vila, 1 08039 – Barcelona


What is the future of retail? From 'contactless' to 'invisible payment'? How to simplify the payment process and make it really frictionless for consumers? What are the opportunities for businesses to be part of this revolution?
From the Payment Innovation Hub we work to explore and understand this transformation by rethinking new horizons. We are entering a new era in which access to money and the time of payment is integrated into everyday experiences. To understand more how it works, think about Uber. Sure, seamless and so simple that, payments are increasingly invisible.
The inclusion of immersive and experiential shopping experiences is fundamentally changing the reality of retail. In this session we have announced what invisible payments are, what their benefits are and what technologies make it possible.
An event organized by the Payment Innovation Hub, and aimed at professionals in the retail sector, to understand how this trend is affecting, what are the best practices, the lessons that can be learned and their application through a live demo developed by the Hub .

Andrea Fiorentino - Head of Products & Solutions Southern Europe, Visa Inc. Andrea Fiorentino has been working on Marketing and Innovation at Visa since 2003. He is currently leading the team responsible for the entire range of Visa products and solutions in the region's markets. from southern Europe: Spain, Italy and Portugal. Andrea's experience of more than 20 years in the payment industry makes him a true expert. During his time at Visa, he has been working in several roles obtaining a thorough knowledge of the entire European market in paid media and their respective differences. Together with their team of product specialists located in Italy, Spain and Portugal, they define the proposals for payment methods and support Visa customers from the pilot launch to the launch, ensuring that the local payment, infrastructure is ready and The proposal is suitable for the market. The knowledge and presence of the local market are key aspects of Visa's strategy to guarantee customer success. Before joining Visa, Andrea was Corporate Director for Personalization Development at Oberthur. During his seven years, he was responsible for business development activities aimed at offering new EMVs, customized products and services for global clients.
Inma Anglada - Head of Samsung Pay, Samsung. With more than 15 years of experience in payment methods and digitalization of payment instruments behind him, both in Spain and in other European countries. He recently joined Samsung, where he leads the Samsung Pay team and works on the evolution and enrichment of Samsung services related to payment methods, loyalty and other services
Gonzalo Martin Ortega - BI & Big Data Management, JoGotech After leading Business Intelligence and Big Data departments in companies in various sectors, he concentrated all his efforts on his passion, innovation. In 2014 he co-founded JogoTech, a company whose objective is the creation of innovative technological solutions that improve business processes in a quantifiable way. JogoRoom is your most recognized solution to date (Mango, Inditex, Adidas). With a digital mirror as the main element, this solution allows customers of clothing and accessories stores to request sizes, colors and recommendations without leaving the tester, and can also finish the purchase from it through their mobile phone.
Silvana Churruca - CEO, Payment Innovation Hub. Specialist in Cognitive Media and Systems from Pompeu Fabra University (UPF); Specialist in Theory of Community Design and Specialization in Strategic Design Management from the University of Buenos Aires (UBA). Silvana is the CEO of the Payment Innovation Hub, a JV founded by CaixaBank, Global Payments, Visa, Samsung and Arval with the purpose of promoting R & D & I projects that bring the best and most innovative experiences in payment methods closer to society . He previously directed the CaixaBank Payments Customer Experience team. With a strongly multidisciplinary background, Silvana is an expert in the areas of Client Experience, UX and UX Research, where she has been working for more than 15 years.


Registration and Welcome

The retail revolution: challenges and opportunities

Visa Intervention with Andrea Fiorentino – Head of Products & Solutions Southern Europe, Visa Inc.

Samsung Intervention – Inma Anglada – Head of Samsung Pay, Samsung and Gonzalo Martin Ortega – BI & Big Data Management, JoGotech

The era of invisible payments (Payment Innovation Hub)

Q&A and Live-Demo


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